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Retirement Up Close

Retirees that go to VistaBankYouíve been saving for it for decades, and now itís here Ė your retirement. This period of your life could stretch 20 to 30 years or more. Instead of your finances getting simper, they take on more significance. Let VistaBank help. We can help you structure your finances to match your retirement goals. We can also help you plan for transferring your wealth to family members and extending your legacy to the organizations you value.


Itís time to enjoy what youíve worked hard for

Leverage your financial power.

Youíre not getting older, youíre getting more powerful; Leverage your resources and relationships. The more accounts you have with VistaBank, the more advantages we can offer. Bring us all your banking and financial information. Regardless of the bank or investment company, weíll review it and make a recommendation that optimizes your earning and savings power.

Spend less time banking.

With online banking you can see all your financial information in one place, when and where you want. That convenience means less time managing your finances and more time doing what you want. Ask your VistaBank representative about online banking services.

Tweak your retirement.

Retirement goals can change. Your perspective in your 40s and 50s can be dramatically different in your 60s and 70s. Plus, your life expectancy is much greater than the generations that came before you. Make sure your retirement is structured for a long and enjoyable life. Get a second opinion on your retirement strategy, talk to a VistaBank representative.

Re-visit your will.

Relationships and values can change with time. Update your will and store a copy in a VistaBank safe deposit box (Aiken location only). 

What to do with your wealth?

Itís time to think about your legacy and how you want to transfer that wealth in a way that minimizes the tax burden on family members and foundations you want to benefit. Tax laws can change and other factors can, too. Get a second opinion, talk to your VistaBank representative.

Relieve your family from difficult decisions.

You have specific ideas about how you do or donít want to spend the last period of your life. Those wishes can be overlooked when emotions run high. Make your wishes are clear in a legal document and store a copy in your safe deposit box.

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