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Family banks with VistaBankFinances become more complicated when you have a family. Kids are fun, but they’re not cheap. And, there’s all that pressure to keep up with the Joneses. The best thing you can do for your family is live within your means and plan for the expected and unexpected. Family vacations, summer camp, upcoming college expenses are all things you can plan for. While you’re setting financial goals consider the unexpected, such as losing an income or having to care for an aging parent. We can help you save for the unexpected, too.

Teach your children financial fitness by practicing it yourself.


Family, finances and the future – staying on course

Understand your credit score.

Monitor your credit history and your credit score closely. You’ll want to do everything you can to boost your credit score before any major purchases that require a loan, such as buying a home, making a home improvement, or purchasing a car. If you’re not sure about your credit history, talk to a VistaBank representative.

Shop for the best loan.

Loan shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Before you make a big purchase, check with your VistaBank representative. We believe in great rates for great customers.

Save for college.

Socking cash away for college when your kids are small can reduce stress and increase opportunities when they’re older. As your children mature, talk to your kids about college. When they are teens discuss what you can afford as a family and what is expected of your kids. There are several options for saving for college. Make sure you know the one that’s right for your family, talk to your VistaBank representative.

Pad that emergency fund.

The opportunities for unexpected costs rise dramatically for families. Emergency room visits, fender benders, a broken air conditioner can put a dent in your finances if you don’t have an emergency fund. Get into the habit of putting a little away each pay period to build up your savings.

Reassess your retirement fund.

The best gifts you can give your kids are parents who are financially secure and independent throughout their lives. Make sure your retirement plan is on track with your goals. A danger is overestimating the future value of your home and other investments. Another concern is underestimating your lifetime expectancy. Kick the tires on your retirement strategy, talk to a VistaBank representative.

Protect your important documents.

Where there is a family, there should be a will. Also think about birth and marriage certificates, savings bonds and other hard-to-replace documents. Protect them all with a safe deposit box at the VistaBank Aiken location.

Bank smarter.

With online and mobile banking you can see all your financial information in one place, when and where you want. That convenience means less time with banking-related errands and more quality time with family.  

Safeguard your identity.

In the world of hacking, no identity is entirely safe. Make sure you protect yours. Never respond to a request for information unless you confirm the source. Always shred sensitive information. Be proactive. If you’re concerned about identity protection, talk to your VistaBank representative.

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