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Testimonials for VistaBankOur strongest form of advertising is the experiences our customers share with people throughout our communities. Each day we're dedicated to helping our customers achieve their financial needs through our banking products and services.


Here's a sample of what a few satisfied VistaBank customers are saying about us. We always appreciate hearing things from their perspective. Please let us know how we're doing.



Russell Fowler VistaBank TestimonialRussell Fowler

The Haberdashery & HerDashery

The decision to bank with VistaBank was easy for Russell Fowler. Although the bank was new, the people who started it were trusted old friends. “When we needed to refinance our building, I talked to other banks,” said Russell. “VistaBank had the best loan package. I know VistaBank believes in excellent customer service from the top down. Our relationship is a partnership in that they are also my customers.”        






Debbie Nix VistaBank TestimonialDebbie Nix
Southern Plumbing & Electrical


When Debbie moved her business to a big bank, she loved the technology and hated the service. When the bank’s maneuvers increased her business credit line’s interest rate four-fold, Debbie moved her accounts to VistaBank. “They have great personalized service,” said Debbie. “I never have to call 800-numbers and punch in account numbers. They are very professional, and they have good technology. I’m adding a check scanner to deposit checks to my account electronically, and I retain the check. I also use VistaBank for my vacation rental business.”





Lori Jenkins VistaBank TestimonialLori Jenkins
Wyatt's Bed & Biscuit


Lori’s business was going to the dogs, literally. Her B&B for canines was growing, and she needed to build a new kennel. She called  VistaBank. “My relationship with VistaBank is very personal,” said Lori. “Decisions on my loan are made here in Aiken by people who know me and my business. When I call, they don’t ask for my account number, they just get me whatever help I need. If I leave a message, they call me right back. With a big bank I would never speak to the same person twice.”






Eric Hiner VistaBank TestimonialEric Hiner
The Surgery Center of Aiken


Eric Hiner wanted to work with a local bank, but was concerned he might have to give something up. Then he found VistaBank and its competitive banking package. Today the surgery center’s checking accounts, money market accounts, as well as business loans are consolidated with VistaBank. “The Surgery Center of Aiken needed a local, personal  banking relationship,” said Eric. “VistaBank’s community bank attitude, coupled with its management leadership and staff makes it the best bank in Aiken.” 





Dr. Trent Gillespie VistaBank TestimonialDr. Trent Gillespie


Dr. Trent Gillespie wanted a bank for his solo practice, so he called Brook Moore. Back then Trent didn’t know VistaBank, but he knew that Brook had helped him with his first business loan and always delivered trusted banking advice. Community-minded, personal service sets VistaBank apart. When Trent walks into VistaBank, everyone knows him.

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128 Laurens Street, NW
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Aiken, S.C. 29802

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1219 Assembly Street
Columbia, S.C. 29201

Phone: 803.733.2582
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1106 3rd Avenue
Conway, S.C. 29526

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